Saturday, April 23, 2011


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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Athene on LoL

Athene on Lol? Well, I wasn't going to blog about Athene playing LoL again, but when I saw his live stream, I had to write more about it. First, for people that want to know Athene's lol account name, he plays on EU servers so i'm sure that I won't be able to play there due to the lag. His account name is AtheneOnYoutube, and he's always playing with this guy named Kez. Sometime's his girl joins in (yeah she's really bad... standard for a girl though) to play with him. Athene wasn't too great when I watched him play league of legends. Every game i've seen him play was with Ryze, and he doesn't even do it properly. I mean of course he's only played for a week, so I guess he's doing okay for just starting. By no means he will be #1 like he says he will.

He hasn't played any ranked games from the last time I saw, so he has no rank yet. He just plays with some random scrubs that talk on his IRC chat.

here's some recent Athene league of legends footage if you're in for a laugh.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lee Sin, The Blind Monk

So basically, gonna blog quickly about this new champion that was released on April 1. If you have half a brain, you would not waste your IP to play him. From the past 20 games i've seen with him in it, he would always be negative in score. I'm not sure if its cause of the player, or just cause hes useless. In theory he looks like he could be a great champion, but from what ive seen, he is terrible.

At least he looks pretty cool, reminds me of the diablo 3 Monk