Monday, June 6, 2011

Brazilians in LoL and other games

So after my experiences with many Brazilians I have come across in games, I feel like most of them are just really bad at games. Any explanation?

They come in, rage, troll, and just ruin the whole experience. Not to be racist or anything, its just an observation. Why are Brazilians bad at games like LoL?

Honestly, can I get some insight into why they're so bad? I've only met one good Brazilian player ever, mind you he was from Brazil and he currently lives there, yet he can speak (not too well) and type English.
These are literally the only foreigners that ever seem to be in my games, I'd much rather get some Chinese or Japanese pug.

Special note: Keep in mind here that I'm not saying they're the only thing that ruin games. Just that every time a Brazilian is in the game I'm in, he/she's God freaking awful.

The only good Brazilians are the ones you'll never notice. They'll speak **** near perfect english and play well.

The others are illiterate, have **** internet, and don't really take it serious.

F2P games has that problem where they can't filter out the hurrdurr people. No matter Brazilian, Korean, or English.

EDIT: I know not ALL are like this, im just generalizing so don't take this as a personal attack