Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Athene and LoL

So I was looking was looking through youtube videos and came across one of Athene's clips. If you don't know about this guy he is the one saying he breaks world records in gaming/poker/etc.

He recently just said he would start playing LoL, and he would carry 4 other noobs that flood the LoL games. I really dont think that is possible no matter how good you are.

here's his vid

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Laugh from some Forum Post

So I saw this on the league of legends forum board, and it's just some brazilian guy giving his list for tier 1/2/3 champions.
Give it a read cause I thought it was quite funny.

--Unlike silly canadian man elementz, i not make seperate website for list--
this is brasil tier list for league of legends
the best caracters 1
the worst last

number 1 (the best)
Mordekaizer (es the best, #1, best, shield es always win, never loose)
Akali (es invisible es the best, always win. dps the best)
ryze (the best damage, can kill anyone but not mordekaizer)
warwick (warwick es from brasil, buy longsword for more lifesteal)
garen (nerf es #1 still, i always win) .. ALWAYS
pantheon (strong man, very strong, almost the best, after mordekaizer)
teemo (mushroom es best, dont buy wards, no more need)
Yi (es fast the best i always kill)
Mundo (es so good i always win, 10000 hp every time)
Tryndamere (big strong men, like me, everytime you cant kill, you are chicken men! huehue!!!!!)
Shen (everytime es throw sword at me maybe teleport away)

number 2 (es okay)
evelynn (invisible the best, kill everyone 2 times)
blitzcrank (i always pull, the best, always win)
jax (i can stun fast and always kill #1 1 on 1 except mordekaizer)
Urgot (teleport tank so we can kill him fast)
Sivir (i can kill 6 peopel in 1 shot every time, es so good)
alistar (the best hispanic character. so much damage take cannot kill)
nunu (iceball es slow, every time i get gank!)
Shaco (put boxes in the bush! everyone go! BOOM! everytime the best)
nasus (big dog)
(bra)zilean (always come back to life, use on mordekaizer)
veigar (super stun, everyone is stuck)
Cho'Gath (its so big like dinosaur, everyone dead)
twitch (smelly rat, counter expunge with magic resist, win every time)
Malphite (strong very strong! punch ground so hard es best)

number 3 (not so good)
Janna (so beautiful! i am love!!)
Galio (es kill everyone in circle, es sooooo good, but no more damage)
amumu (amumu es same galio same caracter but cry so much)
vladamir (i go under ground you cant kill me, im hide)
Sona (playing music? es not gitar hero!)
poppy (i always kill 1 person, always kill them) not always mordekaizer kill tho
rammus (rammus is like giant spinner)
Gragas (alcaholic, come to brasil bring me some beer!!!!! huehuehue)
Janna (tornado woman, everytime tornado hit me!)
gangplank (the best ulti, but no damage besides)
le blonk (everytime i try to kill es 2 of them, mordekaizer so much aoe its not problem)
Anivia (#1 best bird)
Swain (#2 best bird)
Sion (stunner es so good, sheild es best tanker)
Olaf (i cannot throw axe so good, not viable caracters)
xin'zhao (i dont know maybe jappanese, maybe filipino, i dont know how to say name maybe move to tier 4 later)
Lux (big laser is scary but not so good)
Karthus (kill everyone so far, but too skinny)
Mrs. Fortune (i dont understand, es pirate or es cowboy? tier 3)

number 4 (not good, lose every game, never use it)
morgana (stun es too weak, oil you just walk away es not do damage, terribol)
twisted fate (idk poker is not for LoL, go to new game)
ezreal (es girl or es boy? i dont know! )
Kayle (es girl or es boy? i dont know! )
Taric (es girl or es boy? i dont know! )
katarina (kitty cat es my gerfriend! hueheuhue!! kidding!!!)
heimerdinger (es coward, brasil es brave)
Corki (heimerdinger brother or something? i put him next)
Nidalee (es stupid, animols es too easy to kill)
Udyr (es stupid, animols es too easy to kill)
Annie (too young, you are diapers or something?!)
Fiddlesticks (karthus brother, swain better crow)
Kog'Maw (es just spit, so silly)
Singe (one time pick singe and got virus on dell, do not pick)
Soraka (THE WORST, never damage, stupid horn)
irelia (the WORST x2 , even in brasil es the worst. wat was riot thinking?! huehuehue)

okay thank you for best game number #1 brasil game!!! hope to see everyone tonight play!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I just recently bought the champion Renekton, good thing I didnt record any league of legends games with me playing him. It seems as if I would jump in and get destroyed quite fast at higher levels, and not even do enough damage for anything. Other than the survivability he is a pretty cool champion. Especially early game it seems im able to do alot more cause of the nature of his skills.

I usually go for defensive items like spirit visage, and have a bloodthirster abit later on for a bit more damage. He's an okay champion, i'm probably not playing him to the full potential but i'll definately keep at it. The couple of games with him that I played there was ALWAYS another renekton on the other team, which was quite annoying, especially when I keep laning against him.

I still prefer playing the champions that I said before and I don't know what other champion I should get. Maybe Irelia? At least its a female chamion so I can look sexy while I fail in games.

I did get a good recording earlier of a katarina game I played and I'll probably get that up on youtube as well, I got some awesome quadra kills on it so ill edit it down.

I also played a REALLY fun caitlyn game but I didn't get it recorded and I wish I had cause there was a bunch of lulzy moments.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Personal Favorites

As a League of legends pro, these are just my personal favorites to play, if you started up I suggest trying these. I usually do really good with them.

Katarina - my personal best, usually when i play her i go 30-2 and just wreck teams. I already posted a video of me playing with her quickly in a previous post.

Lux - just sitting back and shooting lasers, pretty good damage. I just started playing her and i'm not as good with her as my katarina, but shes pretty fun.

I usually like female characters for some reason. If they can be in the back its much easier for me. I also do alright with Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Xin Zhao.

I'd like to write a League of Legends guide on some of these champs.

If you play add me as a friend and we could do some games. Account name is Higherr, add me and ill accept.

What are some of your favorites?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

League of Legends

Well, This probably should've been my first post saying how league of legends is quite fun and everything, but I forgot that so i'll just do it now.

First off, League of Legends is completely free to play. The way they make money is if you want to buy cool different skins of any of the champions. But other than that, the cost to play is 0. You earn champions through in game currency called Influence Points (IP), so once you save up enough you can buy the champion that you wish to play. They have a bunch of free champions every week that rotates, so you will be able to try every champion sooner or later without buying anything with the in game currency. Although I do suggest searching up a champion that looks fun to play and saving up for it.

So the game is basically a battlefield, where the goal is to destroy the other teams base, ripping through 3 towers on the way in each lane. There are three lanes and mid is usually solo. During the middle/end it requires alot of teamwork and coordination (or at least more than the other team).

It's tough at the beginning to learn, but once you get the hang of it you'll be hooked.

I can try to write a League of Legends guide later on.

If you're interested sign up through my referral link, download and enjoy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thoughts on new champion Nocturne

Although I havn't played him yet, I have had the chance to play a bunch of games with him on my team. He is like a jacked up version of Dark Lady (from HoN) and Spectre (from DoTA). Jumping at every gank with complete darkness to the opposite team, with quite a bit of damage. He does look quite badass as well. Once I get him we'll see how fun he is... 3k IP later.

I'll do a good gameplay video with my awesome free recording technique, check it out if you havnt yet

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Regular LoL Day

Just a small video showing my champions power. I need to mess around more with the video editing. This is using the recording method I explained before. If my computer was better I would be able to up the graphics and have less lag, but I work with what I got.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

FREE Video recording for League of Legends

I was searching for ways to record video of all my League of Legends games. Went through different forums and everything until I found a really useful tool. Used it a couple times, and even when you're computer isn't as great as all those hardcore gaming computers like mine. You will still be able to play like you do normally.

I recorded a couple of my Katarina games where I just dominate the whole game (I'll be sure to post them later and show some tips and tricks on what to do). Some people will say LOL EZ MODE KAT JUST PRESS R, but it's alot more than just that to look out for. But anyway i'll go into detail in different posts.

Basically you'll need to do two things.

1. Download and install the League of Legends replayer - This runs in the backgrounds and records/saves everything. Link is here

**2. Download and install a free version of Fraps - This only lets you record 30 seconds at a time, so you will need to put them together in windows movie maker or whichever program afterwards.

**This is if you wish to upload it on YouTube or save it on your computer etc.

2. Another way instead of fraps, if you dont like editing 30 sec clips, is to install Hypercam, and use it instead.

Once you finish a game, you are able to play it on the LoL replayer. You are able to pause, fastforward, or slow-mo it. This is a great tool in improving your game by seeing your mistakes and how you can do things better the next time around.