Saturday, March 12, 2011

FREE Video recording for League of Legends

I was searching for ways to record video of all my League of Legends games. Went through different forums and everything until I found a really useful tool. Used it a couple times, and even when you're computer isn't as great as all those hardcore gaming computers like mine. You will still be able to play like you do normally.

I recorded a couple of my Katarina games where I just dominate the whole game (I'll be sure to post them later and show some tips and tricks on what to do). Some people will say LOL EZ MODE KAT JUST PRESS R, but it's alot more than just that to look out for. But anyway i'll go into detail in different posts.

Basically you'll need to do two things.

1. Download and install the League of Legends replayer - This runs in the backgrounds and records/saves everything. Link is here

**2. Download and install a free version of Fraps - This only lets you record 30 seconds at a time, so you will need to put them together in windows movie maker or whichever program afterwards.

**This is if you wish to upload it on YouTube or save it on your computer etc.

2. Another way instead of fraps, if you dont like editing 30 sec clips, is to install Hypercam, and use it instead.

Once you finish a game, you are able to play it on the LoL replayer. You are able to pause, fastforward, or slow-mo it. This is a great tool in improving your game by seeing your mistakes and how you can do things better the next time around.


  1. Does this kind of recording work for console video gaming too? or is that completely different? avid gamer but never heard of league of legends, i'll have to check it out.

  2. it doesn't live stream, i mean you can just use or something if youd like to live stream for people =)