Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Laugh from some Forum Post

So I saw this on the league of legends forum board, and it's just some brazilian guy giving his list for tier 1/2/3 champions.
Give it a read cause I thought it was quite funny.

--Unlike silly canadian man elementz, i not make seperate website for list--
this is brasil tier list for league of legends
the best caracters 1
the worst last

number 1 (the best)
Mordekaizer (es the best, #1, best, shield es always win, never loose)
Akali (es invisible es the best, always win. dps the best)
ryze (the best damage, can kill anyone but not mordekaizer)
warwick (warwick es from brasil, buy longsword for more lifesteal)
garen (nerf es #1 still, i always win) .. ALWAYS
pantheon (strong man, very strong, almost the best, after mordekaizer)
teemo (mushroom es best, dont buy wards, no more need)
Yi (es fast the best i always kill)
Mundo (es so good i always win, 10000 hp every time)
Tryndamere (big strong men, like me, everytime you cant kill, you are chicken men! huehue!!!!!)
Shen (everytime es throw sword at me maybe teleport away)

number 2 (es okay)
evelynn (invisible the best, kill everyone 2 times)
blitzcrank (i always pull, the best, always win)
jax (i can stun fast and always kill #1 1 on 1 except mordekaizer)
Urgot (teleport tank so we can kill him fast)
Sivir (i can kill 6 peopel in 1 shot every time, es so good)
alistar (the best hispanic character. so much damage take cannot kill)
nunu (iceball es slow, every time i get gank!)
Shaco (put boxes in the bush! everyone go! BOOM! everytime the best)
nasus (big dog)
(bra)zilean (always come back to life, use on mordekaizer)
veigar (super stun, everyone is stuck)
Cho'Gath (its so big like dinosaur, everyone dead)
twitch (smelly rat, counter expunge with magic resist, win every time)
Malphite (strong very strong! punch ground so hard es best)

number 3 (not so good)
Janna (so beautiful! i am love!!)
Galio (es kill everyone in circle, es sooooo good, but no more damage)
amumu (amumu es same galio same caracter but cry so much)
vladamir (i go under ground you cant kill me, im hide)
Sona (playing music? es not gitar hero!)
poppy (i always kill 1 person, always kill them) not always mordekaizer kill tho
rammus (rammus is like giant spinner)
Gragas (alcaholic, come to brasil bring me some beer!!!!! huehuehue)
Janna (tornado woman, everytime tornado hit me!)
gangplank (the best ulti, but no damage besides)
le blonk (everytime i try to kill es 2 of them, mordekaizer so much aoe its not problem)
Anivia (#1 best bird)
Swain (#2 best bird)
Sion (stunner es so good, sheild es best tanker)
Olaf (i cannot throw axe so good, not viable caracters)
xin'zhao (i dont know maybe jappanese, maybe filipino, i dont know how to say name maybe move to tier 4 later)
Lux (big laser is scary but not so good)
Karthus (kill everyone so far, but too skinny)
Mrs. Fortune (i dont understand, es pirate or es cowboy? tier 3)

number 4 (not good, lose every game, never use it)
morgana (stun es too weak, oil you just walk away es not do damage, terribol)
twisted fate (idk poker is not for LoL, go to new game)
ezreal (es girl or es boy? i dont know! )
Kayle (es girl or es boy? i dont know! )
Taric (es girl or es boy? i dont know! )
katarina (kitty cat es my gerfriend! hueheuhue!! kidding!!!)
heimerdinger (es coward, brasil es brave)
Corki (heimerdinger brother or something? i put him next)
Nidalee (es stupid, animols es too easy to kill)
Udyr (es stupid, animols es too easy to kill)
Annie (too young, you are diapers or something?!)
Fiddlesticks (karthus brother, swain better crow)
Kog'Maw (es just spit, so silly)
Singe (one time pick singe and got virus on dell, do not pick)
Soraka (THE WORST, never damage, stupid horn)
irelia (the WORST x2 , even in brasil es the worst. wat was riot thinking?! huehuehue)

okay thank you for best game number #1 brasil game!!! hope to see everyone tonight play!


  1. "you are diapers or something"
    That just made me burst out laughing.

  2. This is hilarious I wish I could see how bad this kid is with this tier list. Simply amazing. Great post, I'm almost in tears.

  3. i hate Brazilians. They are so bad at every game they play. But on a different note... love the blog!

  4. lol this is so true. tier lists are so bogus

  5. That was really funny haha. This blog es best.
    But really, some of his descriptions literally made me laugh out loud.

  6. Its funny how competitive people get with these games!

    I'm glad they enjoy it though!

  7. Yeah some of the descriptions were quality, eeees post is so good!

  8. LMAO his descriptions were excellent.

  9. Those kind of users are a shame to my country. Some brazilians are really low skilled at games, that's very true. They also keep laughing like crazy stupids:

    Idiot laugh nº 1: AUHEAUHEAUHEAUHEAUHE
    Idiot laugh nº 2: UAHAUHUHAUAHAUAHAHAH
    Idiot laugh nº 3: UHEHEUHEUHEUHEUHEHUE
    Idiot laugh nº 4: auheaUHEAUheuHAEUhuHA
    Idiot laugh nº 5: apskapoaposkapksaopsa
    Idiot laugh nº 6: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Seriously. I get pissed as much as you guys do.
    But believe me, I have met some really pro brazilian gamers throughout my youth.

  10. wow some people think they are just all that.

  11. lol, the HUEHUEHUEUEHUE laughs get me every time. That forum post was just awful too.

  12. U rock!

  13. OMG, plz leave LoL, you can't play it with those decisions...are you on drugs ???
    i think u just the same mastery build and runes for everyone of those champions...and u hav eno skills to play the hard ones... lol

    L2p or UNNINSTAL :D

  14. This is obviously someone trying to pass as BR to make fun of em.
    I'm not going to go as far as tell you to actualy learn portuguese (hell, to even be aware that they dont speak spanish) in order to see how obvious this is, but yeah people should learn a thing or two before trying this kind of trollage.

    Sure there are loads of awfulbad BR players out there.. but that's true for ANY country. The biggest hinderence is their inability to communicate, which is important in a MOBA game.

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