Wednesday, February 8, 2012

League of Legends: New Champion, Nautilus?

Xypherous has revealed some new information about a new upcoming champion, Nautilus on the League of Legends Forum. This is just the working name, and may possibly be changed.

He goes on to explain some abilities.

"A hookshot is an item that goes out in a straight line and pulls things to you. Or if you hit terrain, you pull yourself to it.". Then he goes onto say "His Q pulls both of you together if it hits a unit - and pulls him all the way if you hit a tower. However, you can set the ability up so you will always move forward. Aim at a champion, but make sure there is terrain behind him. Even if he jukes you will move toward him."

Sneak Peak at each of the abilities of Nautilus

"Passive -
Q - Hookshot, pulls Anchorman towards terrain, or if hits champion pulls anchorman and that enemy together, but presumably moves Anchorman than enemy less because he's big and heavy
W - Shield that scales with hp
E - Homing tidal burst that travels up to a maximum amount of time towards a target/until it hits the target. blows up things it hits along the way, blows up and slows on impact of actual target.
R - Slow version of Tidehunter's ult, keeping enemies close to you unless they choose to run and get cc'd by the spikes."

Some More Information

[Resource System?]
Yes, he uses Mana.

[on his ability ratios - AD or AP?]
Hm. All his damaging moves have AP ratios. One of his moves also has a health ratio.

[did you design this champion?]

[how difficult is he to play?]
Hm. He should be pretty easy to pick up - his abilities are all very straight forward.He's a little difficult to optimize though - His self-CC chain needs to be staggered. There's some timing considerations on when it is best to use W and you want to place your R on the right line for maximal effect.

[Range on the hookshot?]
it's like Mummy Q, which is around 1050

[So his hook shot can pull people to him but also moves him?]
His Q is halfway between Amumu and Blitzcrank, but based on the range it will feel more like one or the other. Since it has a minimum drag distance for the opponent, up close, you can reset an enemy's position if they escape. Far away though, you'll move much farther to them.

[What function is his passive going to serve?]
His passive gives him a heavy incentive to switch targets in a fight

[So, as Sejuani uses ice, will he use water?]
He is indeed nautically inspired - He has two things with major water effects - but that's more of a side effect rather than water manipulation

[Can he Jungle?]
I like him as a jungler, because I like jungling more at the moment. I think you waste some gank potential if you're top

[Anything about the back story?]
He was a sailor at one point - But I'm not sure he's a pirate per se.


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