Friday, November 18, 2011

League of Legends Champion Remakes

Heres an overview of how the designers look at champion remakes in league of legends. Xypherous explaining the whole thing in full technicality
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Associate Technical Designer
Here's the thing -

Remakes have high disruption cost if done after release - mostly because people playing the character and people maining the character are used to the character's strengths and various set of tools.

However bad for the game those tools might be, that isn't a negative or a deterrent for those players playing those characters. Remakes are intended to fix certain issues for the players at hand - but the majority of the players who play that character play that character for a reason (even if they have crippling weaknesses.)

That's not to say that we won't do remakes - but the disruption cost of them is very high. Think about the dedicated playerbase for any champion - they are the ones who have learned to overlook that whatever weakness or toxicity exists. Even if a remake would be better for the game, from the point of view of players who main that champion - they're not going to see the upsides - they're only going to see that their playstyle has been modified.

At the end of the day - we have to think about making a better game, despite high disruption costs. We'll still do remakes but I do sympathize with a lot of players over basically remaking over their playstyles - hopefully, given time, you'll either see that it's better *or* that you give directed feedback on how we can capture the spirit of the characters again - but there will always be those cases where it's obvious that some things don't work, regardless of how many people like it. :x

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