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Raise your ELO in League of Legends (How To Play) Guide

 Want to raise your ELO in LoL? Read this league of legends guide an make sure to follow it. Teaches you everything on how to play well in League of Legends.

Know your Role. What does this mean?

Warding Everyone has to do this, whatever lane you are in FUCKING WARD IT! your team can help you of course, but don't always rely on them when you are in base buy 1 ward 75g is not that hard to get. Here is a link of good warding! locations. I have marked them in black dots on the map, based on the side you are on warding their jungle is only good when you have pushed passed that tower. If they have pushed your tower then warding your jungle is a must!!!!!
Support: Well if you are going to play support no matter what the class is (you asshole last pick not taking an actual support). This commonly happens with 4th and 5th pick, they refuse to see that they will have to play support and do not pick the sustain they need to IE Soraka, Sona, Ali etc. Which is fine no problem, but not only do you hurt yourself, but the team as well. As support having good map awareness is key, know jungle routes and how long it will take for a jungler to clear. With CV changes this is very helpful so you can make sure you see where they are without having to waste CV all on searching for jungler. Also with CV you need to check to see if your team is going for a gank light up the are the enemy player is heading to.
AD Carry Know when to go in, i can't stress this enough. People assume just because you initiate the fight the support has to be there and when you die it's their fault for not following you. If AD carry is your best that is great no problem, but know what your support and the enemy support is capable of. Very important, question why don't you ever harass if enemy has a Sona early on? Well her Q will do double damage and her W will lower your damage by 20% when she has 3 stacks. People wonder why Sona can burst early on or why their AD didn't die when you do so much damage. Just fucking farm to victory. You know you did your job well if you keep up with the CS of enemy team even if they are pushing into your tower.
Top and Mid These other 2 lanes have the same basic function. Farm, farm, and farm some more. Get those items if you can get the kill great, but focus on farm more. 16 creep kills is ~300 gold so roughly 3 waves. These do not diminish like hero kills. They are constant so 100 CS is 3 hero kills and more. So even if you die in your lane because you did something stupid keep farming. Furthermore, WARD YOUR FUCKING LANE. Know how much your items cost most top and mid will save for catalyst or brutalizer both around 1300 gold mark. But you had to go back you are low hp out of mana etc. 2 Options when in base (1. buy complete item) or (2. buy 1 ward, pot if need be, and part of the item). Almost always go with option 2 unless you are dominating your lane, but even then option 2 is safer, better, and you will still dominate your lane.
Also, if you are playing mid or top simply staying in your lane and farming and killing your enemy is not enough. Go gank other lanes. Mid especially. You have free range to go top and bottom and help gank with or without the jungler. Top it is a little tougher to do that with, but Mid has no excuses. But what about my tower? Simple push your creeps into enemy tower if they had to go back, this option works great even if they are there to deny them CS. When you go back see if you can help gank bottom or top and do it. You will either get a kill or make them use a flash and thus making it easier for jungler to gank.
Jungler Finally the hardest role to play in my opinion is jungler. A jungler is only as good as his team. Plain and simple if your teammates are good they will set you up for ganks this is the dream of every jungler. If you are stuck with this role, key things to remember is while clearing your jungle also look around the map. You have a few seconds while auto attacking to look at top, mid, and bottom see who will need your help the most. Which lane is over extended. Look at chat your team should be telling you who has used their flash etc. Keep track of time. Blue/Red 5 minute respawn, Dragon 6 minutes, Baron 7 minutes. Keep track, tell your team Dragon times when to be ready. You have to tell Top to be ready 2 minutes ahead of time. TOP GET YOUR ASS DOWN THERE FUCK YOUR TOWER! Read section above for what you need to do ahead of time. I know i have been discourage from jungling in ranked, because the majority of blame will fall on you if you lose, but i know how to set my jungler up making both our lives simpler. As a jungler also know how much money you will have from clearing, possible ganks factoring in wards every time you go back. Since as a jungler you will spend the most time going back to base, you have to help top mid and bottom ward as well. What bugs me the most and i have seen this done with many junglers is they don't get an escape IE Flash or Ghost. This is a must not only for escaping, but for ganking too! These spells are better then exhaust, cleanse, ignite simple as that.
But the things above are not something you can just read and will know how to do. You MUST play every role to know their weakness and strengths. I'm not saying you need to be great at every role, but you must be great at least with 2 and with many heroes. You can't play ranked knowing only 2 heroes and have 3 rune page setup all for Top or Mid that will not work. Play in normals as the roles you need practice on or just plain need to learn how they work.
Lastly, just because you watch the streams of high elo players and see them do something crazy with a hero. DON'T DO IT you are not as good, you suck. Yeah i know it hurts, but you do and that is half the battle. Knowing you suck, knowing you will fuck up so plan ahead. Those guys in top ELO are not up there by themselves they duo queue to get up there. But once up there, life is golden right? FUCK NO! Even up there people either choose to ignore the simple rules above or are just fucking bad, and those lucky fucks got carried up there. Now please don't take this as me saying not to watch CLG, Epik or any of the TSM streams. In fact do watch them. My suggestion is pick the stream that fits with the role you want to play the most. You will pick up things from them. IE Reginald running movement quints on his Cassi( not confirmed yet, but i saw his movement speed vs Cassi's normal speed ). Great idea they will not tell you these things, because they don't think about it or care to share etc. That is their right and i'm sure they want to keep as much of their strat a secret as possible. But if you pay attention to their buys/stats you will see the rules above i got from watching their streams. Everything i've learned is from them and by playing 200+ games of ranked myself.
If you got through all of this, Thank you. I hope this helps you because i will probably end up playing with you. I got so frustrated the last few times i've played went from 1500 to 1390 because my team doesn't know what to do. I try to type most of this in game when i can. But i figure this will be a better to do here and hopefully come across more people who follow these rules.
Oh almost forgot. Here are a few rules i've created for myself to follow(sometimes).
  1. If you are on a losing streak, stop playing for a little take a breather, smoke some trees, rub one out, do some exercise whatever to take your mind off the game for an hour. You will get angry and become jaded and you wont help anyone in that state of mind.
  2. If you are 1st or 2nd pick, imo you should go AD bot mainly because i think this takes more skill to play and if you think you are better then everyone on your team do it. The others will gladly take mid top since they are calling it anyway. If you are 4th and 5th pick SHUT THE FUCK UP. Look at what your team is picking and harden the fuck up and play the other roles your team needs. 3rd pick, i think you have it the best and also the most important pick. You of all the picks should be counter picking the lane you are going into. Know what most heroes counter.
  3. If you are captain and are in the 1200 to 1300 elo range. Don't ban akali, morgana or shaco. People that low suck with those heroes and won't be able to bring out the best of those heroes. Which only helps you!!!! Sometimes it all about the mind games let them have those heroes. if they are amazing players it wont matter what hero they play you are fucked. If they are average or shit and saw high elo players do great with them and made it look easy, "HEY I CAN DO THAT TOO LETS TRY!" WRONG! WRONG! that akali just fed teemo top gg.
  4. Know the best time for you to play in your time zone. This isn't a proven science, but there is some logic to it. Avoid weekends anytime. Hell take weekends as practice champs time. Weekdays is the best time to play imo. People who have jobs/family/school will have something to do. For me i found playing early and late weekdays was the best time. The pool of idiots is lower and increasing your chance of wins.
But again even i break my own rules and i hate myself for it later by raging like a BITCH!
Please feel free to add in anything i have missed or you think might be helpful. I want this to reach the top and help all those looking to get higher rating and GOOD LUCK!

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